Why do Earthquakes Occur?

Bullshit takes many forms (© Planet Reason 2013: https://www.facebook.com/PlanetReason)
Bullshit takes many forms

Do we actually have a clue why Nepal’s and other devastating earthquakes did happen?

Ahem…  what about tectonic plates?


Here are modern 21 century answers by remarkable representatives of the most important organized cults of our spiritual world.

Finally we get informed! Pick your favourite!

1. Hindu explanation: „The Earthquake was a punishment for eating beef!“

2. Muslim explanation: „Loose women cause earthquakes!“

3. Buddhist explanation: „A bodhisattva came out of his mother’s womb!“

4. Christian explanation: „Praying to the wrong gods and idols causes earthquakes.“

5. Jewish explanation: „Recognising gay rights in the Holy Land causes earthquakes.“

6. Shinto explanation: „The Jews did it!“

7. Thai royalist explanation: „Thaksin Chinnawat and Tropico 5 players caused all eruptions!“ – Or was it  „corruption“? ;-))


I apologize for not knowing exactly if Richard Koshimizu was indeed a Shintoist Jew hater. There is a 20 % chance that he might actually be a Buddhist, a Christian or even an Atheist Jew hater.

A-t-h-e-i-s-t !


Anyway it is sure that he must be an idiot, a holocaust denier and a 9 11 truther.

Apart from all the above, this article is bloody serious.

Note: I have been inspired by Planet Reason to put this collection together. The above illustration (© Planet Reason, May 16, 2013; used with permission) is on their Facebook site which I recommend for entertainment and wisdom: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.394273320672039.1073741825.306208619478510&type=3

Original Post and description: Beware: The „MY holy book is not bullshit, the OTHER ELEVEN are!“ posts are coming. :-)
Top row: Bahá’í Faith Kitáb-i-Aqdas, Buddhist Dhammapada, Christian Bible, Hindu Holy Vedas, Jewish Tanakh, LDS Book Of Mormon
Bottom row: Mohammedan Qurʼan, Rastafarian Holy Piby, Satanic Bible, Scientology Dianetics, Unification Church Divine Principle, Wiccan Book Of Shadows
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